St. Michael’s plaque

Your very own spot at St. Michael’s – on a St. Michael’s plaque
Nearly 180 St. Michael’s plaques have been placed in the ground in front of St. Michael’s north portal. All new completed plaques are placed in the ground once a year. The proceeds of the St. Michael’s plaques go to the St. Michael’s Foundation and are used to maintain the church.


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What can be put on a St. Michael’s plaque?
The entries placed on the St. Michael’s plaque are as diverse as life itself and include births, milestone birthdays and company anniversaries. Many families choose to honour their deceased relatives. Hamburg residents in the diaspora have found a place of their own in their hometown with their names engraved on a plaque in the shadows of St. Michael’s.
But it’s not only text that adorns the plaques. There are also lots of images such as proud windjammers under sail. Over the years, the St. Michael’s plaques have become decorative items of a unique church memorial culture.

Reserving space on a St. Michael’s plaque
You can purchase one or more lines on a plaque. Each line holds no more than 28 characters and costs €100. An entire plaque holds 99 lines and costs €10,000. You can, for example, immortalise several family members, Bible verses or poems on a plaque.

For an entry of at least two lines, you can also request a frame, which costs €40 extra. With five or more lines, the price of the frame is included.

Do you have questions about the St. Michael’s plaque?

The contact representative at St. Michael’s is Heike Schröder
Tel. +49 (0)40 3767 8191
Fax +49 (0)40 3767 8291

To order an engraving, please proceed as follows:

1. Download the PDF form onto your computer here: St. Michaels-plaque form.

2. Fill in the PDF, sign it and send it to us by fax or post: Heike Schröder, Stiftung St. Michaelis, Englische Planke 1, 20459 Hamburg.

3. Transfer the amount to be paid to the account 1226 123 303 at Hamburger Sparkasse (bank code 200 505 50). Add up the number of lines including the frame if desired.

4. Once we have received payment, we will confirm your order in writing with the scheduled date on which the plaque is to be placed in the ground.

5. The plaque will be placed in the ground in front of St. Michael’s.

Your memorial will then be available in the heart of the city for all time.