St. Michael´s Foundation

The St. Michael’s Foundation collects donations to finance work on the St. Michael’s main church. It helps maintain St. Michael’s as the iconic landmark and spiritual centre of Hamburg, promotes church music at St. Michael’s and provides welfare and social assistance for people living near the port.

Established in 2002 by the St. Michael’s main church, Hamburger Sparkasse and five Hamburg residents with small endowment funds, the foundation has raised more than €4 million in donations over the past ten years with the My St. Michael’s campaign, making a major contribution to saving St. Michael’s.

Thanks to all our generous donors

Thanks to donations and funds procured through testaments, the endowment capital has increased to more than €1 million.

The Foundation established the St. Michael’s Freundeskreis der Kantorei initiative, which invites church music enthusiasts to attend special events and collects donations for Kantorei projects.

Legally an independent foundation, the St. Michael’s Foundation focuses exclusively on church matters and takes the form of a traditional church foundation. The endowment capital is used only to achieve foundation aims.